Dear brothers

Dear brothers and sisters,
Please pray for me to continue in Ranipet district for three years and please pray for getting progress, prosperity and appreciation and fame in my current job . Please pray for the repose of the soul of my father M Sathyan. please pray for improving the relationship between me Deepa Sathyan and my lover Sathish G and please pray for Sathish to be sincere in his love towards me Deepa and to wholeheartedly accept me as his wife and to marry me Deepa at any cost whatever happens. Please pray for Sathish G that Sathish will understand the cunningness and wickedness of Nithya C who is his relative working in bank and Kavitha PC who is a prostitute and pray for him to save him from the clutches of them so that he will detach from them,will not speak with them, will refrain from doing sex with them,will not have sexual contact with them and will permanently break up with Nithya C and Kavitha Pc. The second daughter of Santha C and Chandirasekharan R ,who is Sathish’s first wife, Nithya Chandirasekharan died in a road accident soon after their marriage . Please pray for saving Sathish from the clutches of his cruel parents P.Gopala Goundar and G Samundeshwari who are not allowing him to take an independent decision regarding his marriage. Please pray that Sathish will break the ties and will marry me Deepa Sathyan in June 2022.please pray that Sathish will love me Deepa Sathyan, care me, hug me, kiss me,willshow much carelove,passion,sympathy,empathy towards me ,will call me on phone always ,will come to see me always and will live for me, will give first priority to me and my ambitions, will love me Deepa than anything else in this world . please pray for the marriage of me Deepa Sathyan with my lover Sathish G in June 2022 without any issues and with the blessings in which my mother Theresa and his parents Gopala Goundar P and Samundeshwari G will give consent for our marriage and me Deepa Sathyan will become the legally wedded wife of Sathish G.please pray for my mother G Teresa for curing all her physical and mental illnesses and for her peace of mind, happiness and long life say 100 years. please pray for sister Divya Sathyan for her good health and sound mind and success in job.

Prayer Request: For my

Prayer Request:
For my Grandaughter, Camille D and her ex Boyfriend Sebastian D. > Father in heaven, you are our God. You brought Camille’s partner and > “soulmate” Sebastian D. and her together. That is why I, (her > Grandmother) boldly come before your throne of grace today, Lord, > asking you to heal their relationship. There has been so much hurt > between Camille D. and Sebastian D. caused by arguments, pride, jealousy, > trust, and the schemes of the enemy. Lord, heal their hearts and > minds. Help them to see themselves as being on the same side, and > not against each other. Wash away any bitterness, hurt, pain, anger > and disappointments, that is in their hearts, with the blood of your > Son, Jesus. Restore their relationship. Grant them an abundance of love, respect, trust, understanding a firm committment of loyalty, and better communication, and the urgent desire to give their relationship a “second chance. In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen.