AMM 2018 Retreat Day – A Call to Holiness

Thanks to those who attended the recent  AMM Australia retreat day held 27 May. To those unable to attend and to anyone who would like to revisit the day’s event,  the proceeding is shown below.

Duration: 42 minutes

You can play forward the video by moving the slider (i.e. small red dot) or alternatively, click on a Start Time below.

Programme Start Time
Welcome by Sr. Marie Westblade 0:00
Opening Prayer  by Sr. Rosa Tran 1:27
About Holiness by Sr. Therese Haywood 1:46
A Saint 5:55
Saints in the Vincentian Family 12:10
Saint Justin de Jacobis 17:25
Reflection Questions 30:22
Afternoon Prayer 31:20
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton 32:48

God Bless+