A Simple Reflection of Faith in Mary

by Sr. Marie Westblade DC

My devotion to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal started when I first joined the monthly novena in Marsfield.  The novena, organised on behalf of the Daughters of Charity, was held during the first Saturday of the month in the home of one of the devotees until the Novena was moved to St Anthony’s parish church.  Since then, a Eucharistic Mass is now being celebrated during the novena, and the attendance of the congregation has increased significantly.

During prayers of petitions, one can notice that the prayers for Mary’s intercession deal with everyday challenges of life –sickness, employment, finances, studies, family relationships, spiritual guidance, decision-making, and the like.  Some challenges are more difficult to bear than others that we are determined to find hope of overcoming the mental anguish in dealing with them.

Upon reflection, the challenges oftentimes strain our relationships – with God and people.   In our desire to make our lives better, we rely so much on what we know and use this knowledge to try to come up with solutions or options that we think best address our predicament.  And when we are faced with obstacles, we spiral into an emotional panic that we lose the ability to think clearly and look at what is happening in perspective.  Unbeknownst to many of us, these challenges are actually opportunities for us to grow in deeper union with God and in our devotion to Mary.

Mary reminds us that God plays a big part – the biggest indeed – in our life, as she experienced herself.  Mary’s humility and simplicity in living her life is truly a source of inspiration to us in this challenging and complex world.  Her love of God and obedience to His will had allowed her to endure the most heart-breaking of life’s experiences – witnessing the suffering and death of her only child.  But her faith never wavered, and she always reminded herself that whatever was going on with her life all she needed to do was to trust in God and His plan for her and her family.  By allowing God into her life and submitting to His will, she lived a life of faith that constantly relied on God’s grace and favour.

We too can live a life of faith like Mary’s by showing our devotion to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.  By allowing our Lady into our homes, our families live in the faith that Mary will pray for us in times of need and difficulty.  By allowing our Lady to intercede for us as we present our petitions and thanksgiving to God, she brings us closer to God and His Son our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a devotee, I have received countless favours – big and small – through the intercession of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. All I needed to do is to remain in faith and believe in Mary’s powerful prayers of intercession.