Celebrating 400 years of Vincentian Charism

click on this logo for explaination of symbolsThank you for attending the formation session last September 16 and celebrating with us 400 years of the Vincentian charism. Proceedings are shown below and please feel free to share.

To start viewing, click on play button below and once played, you can enlarge the screen, adjusts the volume etc.

Duration: 12 mins, Morning prayer by Sr. Rosa Tran DC

 Duration: 30 mins

Duration: 30 mins 

Thanks also to volunteers for their contribution including Marissa 0’Donnell for video editing, Eiselle Laceda and Maricel Manongdo for filming and Raul Manongdo for web publishing.

God Bless,
Sr. Marie Westblade DC and
AMM Australia Core Team