AMM Adelaide: Devotion in Action – Serving communities through Our Lady’s Grace

By Alejandrino Ballado, published in AMM Bulletin Christmas 2023

The AMM Adelaide passionately fosters and spreads devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, lauded as the Exemplary Model of Discipleship. Our mission is to evangelize through a spectrum of Family and Community-Oriented Services, embodying our commitment to spiritual growth and communal service. These services encompass:

  • Household Family Gatherings: Hosting the image of Our Lady in various households, where devotees convene for Rosary and Novena Prayers held every 1-2 weeks.
  • Monthly Eucharistic Celebrations: Conducted in diverse Filipino Communities across Adelaide, South Australia, fostering spiritual unity and communion.
  • Participation in the Annual Adelaide May Marian Procession: A vibrant display of our devotion to honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Visitation of the Sick and Elderly Members: Our Core Group Members extend care and support by visiting the infirm and elderly within the Association and the wider Filipino community.
  • Annual Feast Day Celebration of Our Lady: An eagerly awaited event, typically held in proximity to November 27, the Feast of Our Lady. This day serves as a significant occasion for the Association and Devotees to express gratitude for answered prayers. It also plays a crucial role in gathering funds from sponsors and donors to support charitable organizations affiliated with
    the Association. These charitable endeavors include:
    • The Hutt Street Meal Centre, Adelaide
    • Saint Vincent de Paul Society, Adelaide
    • Marilak Foundation, Philippines
    • The Daughters of Charity-Saint Vincent de Paul Society, Philippines

The most recent Feast Day Celebration was a marked improvement over the previous year, which was affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Over 200 devoted individuals participated in this year’s celebration, held on Saturday, November 25, amidst pleasant weather. The event commenced with a spirited Marian Procession around the Mater Christi Church compound, followed by Rosary Recitations and Novena Prayers led by various Marian Group Leaders within the Church. The celebration reached its pinnacle with a solemn Eucharistic Celebration led by Rev. Fr. Franco Lacanaria, Filipino Chaplain of Adelaide, and Rev. Fr. Tomas Ruiz as co-celebrant.